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GLOBAL-4.5.3 released.

From: Shigio Yamaguchi
Subject: GLOBAL-4.5.3 released.
Date: Thu, 05 Jun 2003 13:01:55 +0900

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Hello hackers,

It is my great pleasure to announce the release of GLOBAL 4.5.3.
You can download it from <>.


* htags: Htags does not generate the code of javascript at all.
  In the former version, we used javascript to display information about
  links. But a browser these days had come to support the tool tip using
  'title' attribute. So, we replaced the function using tool tip instead
  of javascript facility.
* The --no-javascript option was removed because it was already unnecessary.
* global: The pattern of the argument came always to be interpreted
  as a extended regular expression. In the former version, there was both
  the case for the pattern to be interpreted as a basic regular expression
  and the interpretation as the extended regular expression. This depended
  on the environment of the build. (If you have grep(1) and xargs(1),
  basic regular expression will be used.)
  In the new version, if you want the pattern to be interpreted as a basic
  regular expression, please specify the -G option.


New features:

* CVS REPOSITORY link (the --cvsweb and --cvsweb-cvsroot option).
  You can link CVS repository from the hypertext of source code.
* Tooltip inserted in links.
* The --no-map-file option added.
  Htags generate 'MAP' file by default. You can suppress it by this.
* The --statistics option added.
  With this option, htags print statistics information to the standard error.

* The -e(--regexp) option added like grep(1).
* The -G(--basic-regexp) option added like egrep(1).

Performance tuning:

* Remove tag name and line image from cache record. This made cache
  file smaller.
* The use of the temporary file was suppressed to the minimum by tring to
  read the source code.

Other modifications

* A security hole was shut.
* conf.h: add '{arch}' and '.notfunction' to default skip list.
* gctags: support __attribute__((...)).

I wish to express my gratitude continuously since last time for the
contribution of Hideki Iwamoto san.

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Shigio Yamaguchi <address@hidden>
PGP fingerprint: D1CB 0B89 B346 4AB6 5663  C4B6 3CA5 BBB3 57BE DDA3

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