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[FSF] New Film: Patent Absurdity

From: Peter Brown
Subject: [FSF] New Film: Patent Absurdity
Date: Fri, 16 Apr 2010 11:28:52 -0400
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Independent filmmaker Luca Lucarini has just published his new film
'Patent Absurdity: how software patents broke the system'

The film was supported by a grant from the Free Software Foundation and
made possible by the Associate Membership of the Free Software

What you can do to help:

* Watch the film and give feedback to the filmmaker at

* Please share news of the film with your friends using your online
social networks.

* Can you organize a public screening of the film near where you live?
Maybe at a local school or college. You can add details of your
screening at

* Donate to the FSF End Software Patents Fund or join the FSF as an
associate member

Your membership in the FSF helps make this work possible.



Peter Brown
Executive Director
Free Software Foundation

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