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RFC: New Response type to aid rlog reponse parsing

From: patrick keshishian
Subject: RFC: New Response type to aid rlog reponse parsing
Date: Fri, 3 Nov 2017 22:48:01 -0700


I am hoping you would be open to adding a new (optional) response
type. Motivation behind this addition is to aid clients distinguish
the free-form log/commit messages in response to an rlog

The new response type I am proposing is LOGM. A server recognizing it
in Valid-responses list, will prepend "LOGM " to each log/commit
message line (rather than "M ") while servicing rlog requests. Servers
not recognizing it will work as they do today.

With this change in effect, all guess-work over where a log/commit
message begins and ends is eliminated.

I ran into at least three different log/commit message forms which
confused CVSps and then in turn Git-cvsimport.

I have documented this [1] for interested parties. It is a rather
long-ish document. I have done my best to organize the information for
easy digestion and reference.

Attached is a patch implementing LOGM change against cvs-1.11.23
downloaded from your site (unfortunately I couldn't get sources
through anoncvs).

The changes are fairly simple, and the best I can tell, backward
compatible with unpatched components.

Given this, I hope you are open to accepting these changes.



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