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RE: Entries file (was: Conflicts)

From: Glasgow, Steven R CIV USARMY TRAC (US)
Subject: RE: Entries file (was: Conflicts)
Date: Thu, 20 Aug 2015 13:37:58 +0000


Thank you for reading my post...I found the problem and it is Eclipse.  CVS
knows nothing about the "restored+" string.

After a new .java file is added to the repository, and someone else does a
cvs update, pulling in that file to their sandbox, the Entries file is

Then if that person opens up Eclipse and refreshes their project to bring
the new files into the project, Eclipse rewrites the Entries file, placing
"restored+" in front of the time stamp for those new files.

Any subsequent cvs updates will show conflicts in those files.  If you
remove the "restored+" from the time stamp, CVS will no longer complain
about conflicts and Eclipse no longer changes the Entries files.

Not sure why they are doing this, but I expect that if I was accessing the
repository from within Eclipse, it would know how to deal with the
"restored+" information.  But, we use CVS on the command line which seems to
have conflicts what Eclipse is doing.

Thank you for your time, I'm taking this problem to the Eclipse forums.


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