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RE: A question about merging or figuring out merge points

From: Arthur Barrett
Subject: RE: A question about merging or figuring out merge points
Date: Fri, 28 Oct 2011 09:17:19 +1100


What version of CVS?  What operating system?  

> Sorry for bugging you.  The guide doesn't really have this 
> much detail.

What guide are you using?  The reference manual is a reference - it's designed 
for people who already know what they are doing.  CVS is a large and complex 
system - noone would administer a clearcase repository without spending tens if 
not hundreds of thousands of dollars on training.  At least buy some books 
about CVS from Amazon (or whoever) - there are hundreds including 'all about 
cvs' which I had a hand in writing.

> 1.  Can I see when or what date a branch was created?

If you are using CVSNT 2.x and have audit enabled, yes.  CVSNT is NoT CVS 
though - so contact the vendor for support.

If you are using CVS 1.x or CVSNT 2.x and have 'history' enabled, yes - use 
'cvs history'.

> 2.  can I use the name of the branch as a start point and a 
> new tag as the end point to see the changes or is that the 
> same thing.  

The branch-name refers to the end (HEAD) of the branch not the beginning of the 

> how can I see what has already been merged, or can't I? 

If you are using CVSNT 2.x - yes - the mergepoints will tell you what has 
already been merged.  Subsequent mergepoint merges automatically only merge the 
changes since the previous merge.



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