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Question regarding CVSNT and binary files

From: dah
Subject: Question regarding CVSNT and binary files
Date: Wed, 8 Oct 2008 14:16:07 -0700 (PDT)


We have a large project stored in CVSNT that contains both binary and
non-binary text files. Among those are some files that have .dat extension
which contain sql scripts. When adding these files to the repository, they
are automatically categorized as binary by CVS. I have one of these dat
files in my working directory and the file has been changed locally. 
Another developer also modified the same file and checked his changes to
CVS. When I went and updated the file I could see in the update log that a
conflict has occurred.  However in my working directory, the local working
file has now been renamed, the file I wanted to update is now the latest
version from CVS. Technically my changes have been overwritten. Also it is
showing the modified icon on the file (the orange icon with a white arrow)
instead of the conflict icon (the red icon).

The question I have here is if there’s a way to configure CVS so that it
does treat the .dat file as text rather than binary files. If this is not
possible, can we some how force CVS to show the red conflict icon to flag
the user that this file has a conflict instead of just showing the orange
modified icon. I have tried to include the wildcard statement (*.dat          
–m ‘MERGE’) in cvswrapper but this did not work. I’m running windows XP and
Tortoise CVS client. 

Please help.
Thanks in advance,

Duc H.

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