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CVS add/commit binary file without specifying binary

From: Wurdock, Tom
Subject: CVS add/commit binary file without specifying binary
Date: Sat, 27 Sep 2008 22:56:21 -0500

I did a test add/commit on some files and I did not specify certain
binary files (dll, msi, exe) as binary. 

When I checked them back out the file sizes were dramatically smaller
than the originals.  I didn't even bother testing the files.

I now realize just how full my cvswrappers needs to be.  Anyone know
what is happening to the files to be munged so>

Can I specify binary as the default type for unknown extensions and
files w/o extension?  

This was on my test server.  The production server has many extensions
mapped in the cvswrappers, but I am worried about what has been
overlooked.  I am migrating from another source control system.

Tom Wurdock

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