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Re: question on cvs permissions

From: Alan D. Salewski
Subject: Re: question on cvs permissions
Date: Sat, 27 Sep 2008 09:08:32 -0400
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On Fri, Sep 26, 2008 at 10:40:51PM -0500, Kevin Prester spake thus:
> Please assist me if you can. I am new to cvs and have a question 
> I am getting "Permission denied" errors when I try to check in code
> changes. 
> I have been looking at some doc but am spinning my wheels.
> I have had my password reset on our cvs login (unix)
> Any answers?
> thanks
> Kevin

CVS is using the permissions of the underlying unix filesystem; usually
having membership in the correct unix group is sufficient for checking
in changes.

The first thing to verify is that you can login to the repository host
(via ssh or whatever).

Assuming you can do that, check that you are a member of the correct
unix group via the groups(1) command:

    $ groups

So how do you know what "the correct unix group" is? It depends on how
your CVS repository is set up. Two common configurations I've seen in
shops include:

    * all CVS projects writeable by a company's 'dev' group (or
      similar); this is common in small to midsize companies.

    * commit (write) privs to specific CVS projects requires membership
      in a group created specifically for the project

Once logged into the host on which your CVS repository is located, just

    $ ls -ld $CVSROOT/your-project

to see which group has write permissions. If you are not a member of
that group, you'll have to talk to your sysadmin to get yourself added
to it.

If that isn't enough to address your issue, post back here with
additional information.

See also section 2.2.2 "File permissions" in the cvs info manual.


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