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RE: CVS "Search" function?

From: Hamilton, Fred
Subject: RE: CVS "Search" function?
Date: Thu, 25 Sep 2008 09:23:59 -0700

Hi Todd,

You wrote:

>I think we need a bit more information.
>When you say "He then deleted all that code" do you mean:
>A) he logged into the cvs server (or accessed the NFS drive) an
executed `rm important/code/`.

He didn't have the know-how to do that.

>B) in his sandbox he executed
>`cvs remove -f important/code;cvs commit -m "hurt these guys"`. ????

I'm pretty sure it was more something like that.  We're using
TortoiseCVS on WinXP, so I think he just removed and committed the
remove as you state (not 100% sure about the switches).  BTW, he wasn't
intentionally trying to hurt us, he just had no clue how to use CVS and
apparently it didn't occur to him to ask or look it up or think before
he acted.

>You do have backups of the repository prior to his changes, RIGHT????

I'm sure we do, though this happened 18 months ago so the backups are
probably spaced pretty coarsely in time.

>To answer the two questions at the end of your email: maybe, probably.


I ended up doing "cvs log >logfile.txt" I found many earlier versions of
the file in different projects.  I didn't find any checked in by me, but
I did find plenty of pre-genocide files, followed by the deletion,
followed by the re-adding once we discovered they had been deleted, so I
think it's a comprehensive list of all the files.  

At this point I'm starting to think that I never did check in this file
myself - I must have given it to the employee to check in.

In any case, I did find a version of it that I can use.

Thanks for your support!


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