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RE: Import large amount of files on Windows (but cvsnt has issues)

From: Wurdock, Tom
Subject: RE: Import large amount of files on Windows (but cvsnt has issues)
Date: Wed, 24 Sep 2008 08:49:47 -0500

On another project, I tried the Tortoise recursive "add contents" and
then when committing through tortoise we end up with a "too many
arguments" error.  We're trying to commit 11,000 files.  Perhaps that is
a server limitation that we could adjust, but I also think it may be
happenining for a good reason.

What is killing me is that I wrote a php script (easier for me) to
recurse the directories and commit the contents of that directory
(command-line).  No single directory will contain 11,000 files so that
breaks up the commits.  It works perfectly on my development server but
not in production on the 11,000 files.  The production run is on another
machine so perhaps the client is why the script is failing.

Once I can get these 11,000 files in safely and without trouble I can
tackle the 450,000.

Perhaps I do need to look at the recursive add/commit script again.
It's looking like that will be the best solution at this point.

> Good point, I have been supporting CVS in an environment 
> which uses Wincvs and TortoiseCVS, and the "recursive add" 
> functionalities in those are so helpfull that had forgotten 
> cvs itself does not provide it.
> What bothers me with "import" when used instead of "add" is 
> the fact that it effectively creates a branch ; you might 
> want to look at pulling the python script out of Wincvs, or 
> even a korn/bash shell script should be quick to write to do 
> the recursive add / commit, although, as you pointed out, 
> maybe a bit slower than the import.
> -- 
> Yves.

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