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RE: Import large amount of files on Windows (but cvsnt has issues)

From: Wurdock, Tom
Subject: RE: Import large amount of files on Windows (but cvsnt has issues)
Date: Tue, 23 Sep 2008 09:21:26 -0500

***  responses:

BTW2 what make & version of Linux server OS and what does `cvs
--version` report on both the server and client?  The above error looks
to me like someone has made three variants off of the official
cvs-1.11.21 tree, and that is what you are running on the sever. Who
made those mods?

        ***  I don't know who made the mods.
        client: cvsnt 2.5.03
        server: 1.11.21-v3

If you only have source (text) files[1], you could unzip on Unix with
unzip -a or unzip -aa to auto convert to Unix
line endings.

        *** There's all sorts of files.  Many are binary.   Ideally, I
would make the Windows cliwnt function correctly so that there's less
monkeying around.  I don't want to find out in three years that some
files were munged.

On Unix (assuming you were sane enough to keep spaces out of file and
directory names):
find path -type d |grep -v CVS| xargs --max-chars=1023 cvs add find path
-type f |grep -v CVS| xargs --max-chars=1023 cvs add cd path; cvs commit
-m "man this is huge :)"

We have to be sure the command line in no case is over ~1023 chars long

        *** I cannot guarantee sanity.  There are indeed spaces.
There's all sorts of fun stuff.  We're looking at ten years of
development files.

Thank you for the input.  I will also pose the error to the cvsnt list.


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