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RE: To get some information regarding CVS

From: Arthur Barrett
Subject: RE: To get some information regarding CVS
Date: Mon, 22 Sep 2008 19:34:23 +1000


> For what it is worth, if rcs-5.8 is ever released, the same patch I
> provided to debian [Bug #352527] (which was released as a part of rcs
> 5.7-18 in the debian etch release) provides a way for RCS to read and
> understand the commitd extension used by CVS and CVSNT.
> I had no problems working with Romain Francoise of debian or 
> Paul Eggert
> of the GNU project to adopt a final revision of the patch.

Hmm, that's a very good idea and very pro-active of you.

> > - mergepoint1
> > - bugid
> > - permissions
> > 
> > And I'm in the process of adding 'username' (for where the 
> username is
> > different to the author - don't ask why - it's a corner 
> case that needs
> > to be covered).
> You might want to discuss the best way to do the encoding for such
> things with the address@hidden and/or address@hidden folks
> before you lock it into your code base.

They've all been there in stable releases for 3+ years, but yes I'll
follow your lead.

> I personally think it is good to standardize on the RCS format
> extensions within the RCS source base.

Yes - very good idea - at the very least we should provide patches to
debian for new phrases and extensions to existing phrases, though it'll
be 4 weeks or so before I can get some clear air to do it...

> If there are good grammar definitions for mergepoint1, bugid,
> permissions and username, then it would be great if they could be
> shared.

Do you have an example of how these are usually expressed?



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