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EVS beta2 with EVSCM/EVS Manager

From: Arthur Barrett
Subject: EVS beta2 with EVSCM/EVS Manager
Date: Tue, 16 Sep 2008 21:13:12 +1000

EVS Beta2 has just been released today.  If you are interested in more
information about it please go to:

EVS is a multi-platform open source version control toolkit designed as
a platform to build SCM systems on.  EVSCM/EVSManager is a sample SCM
system written using EVS.  

Documentation can be downloaded here:

A summary of the features:
* Uses SQL backend database
* Completely atomic (like a database)
* supports CVS/CVSNT/SVN/WebDAV clients including mounting a 'web
folder' as a 'drive letter' on windows like h:\
* web interface
* integrated defect tracking
* Access Control Lists, Mergepoints, User Defined Change Sets, Commit
Id's, Failsafe Audit, promotion model, multi-site (each branch), instant
tags/branches, properties etc. etc.

We will only be releasing EVS Server and Client installers for
Windows/SQL Server in 2008, however Andreas is working on a
Linux/Postgres port and we are aiming to have a Solaris/Oracle port
available next year.

The web interface/defect tracking is merely a 'placeholder' in the
current beta.  No 'migration' tools are provided in the current beta.


Arthur Barrett

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