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Re: line endings in text files and -kb

From: Ittay Dror
Subject: Re: line endings in text files and -kb
Date: Thu, 11 Sep 2008 22:42:32 +0300
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Arthur Barrett wrote:

ok, but in this case i'm not editing the file, i'm just 
moving it around 
to create a product tree. someone else edited it and 
committed and the 
build just so happens to run on windows. 

Can you not just run the build on unix?
see my use case below.
also, afaik, most 
windows ides 
(outside of notepad) know how to handle just \n today.

Not true.  Yes many applications 'know how to handle' unix line endings
on windows - but many then insert windows line endings (change the whole
file or just lines you modify).  Visual studio is a culprit of this.  If
you end up with a file of mixed line endings there is a chance you can
corrupt the repository when it is committed.
i can corrupt the repository if a file has mixed line endings?
oh, it is, because cvs decided to change the file without 
giving me a 
reasonable way to tell it not to.
Quite the opposite, YOU told cvs (via -kb) not to change 
the file, and it obeyed, 

You appear to be asking for a new 'keyword expansion flag', something
that does not perform any line ending conversion, but is a text format,
eg: -kN or something.  Since CVS is open source and also free you have
the freedom to modify the code to support this new feature then send the
patches in.  I look forward to seeing your patches.
ahh, the old trick to tell people to shut up.
1. i did not ask for anything. i was asking how cvs behaves when -kb is used.
2. i fix it and then you are in charge to put it in the next release and propagate it to the next update of redhat? or should i wait a few months till that happens?
3. i think such a thing is already implemented in cvsnt, why not run a diff between cvsnt and cvs and get a nice patch?
4. telling someone to go into a source code of some tool that has been in existence forever and expect him to do so is naive at best. maybe i should hook you up with microsoft so that you fix visual-studio's code? if you fix all IDEs, then you can remove the -kb flag, and have a little bit less code to maintain.


Arthur Barrett

Ittay Dror <address@hidden>

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