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RE: line endings in text files and -kb

From: Arthur Barrett
Subject: RE: line endings in text files and -kb
Date: Fri, 12 Sep 2008 05:22:03 +1000


> ok, but in this case i'm not editing the file, i'm just 
> moving it around 
> to create a product tree. someone else edited it and 
> committed and the 
> build just so happens to run on windows. 

Can you not just run the build on unix?

> also, afaik, most 
> windows ides 
> (outside of notepad) know how to handle just \n today.

Not true.  Yes many applications 'know how to handle' unix line endings
on windows - but many then insert windows line endings (change the whole
file or just lines you modify).  Visual studio is a culprit of this.  If
you end up with a file of mixed line endings there is a chance you can
corrupt the repository when it is committed.

> >> oh, it is, because cvs decided to change the file without 
> giving me a 
> >> reasonable way to tell it not to.
> >
> > Quite the opposite, YOU told cvs (via -kb) not to change 
> the file, and it obeyed, 

You appear to be asking for a new 'keyword expansion flag', something
that does not perform any line ending conversion, but is a text format,
eg: -kN or something.  Since CVS is open source and also free you have
the freedom to modify the code to support this new feature then send the
patches in.  I look forward to seeing your patches.


Arthur Barrett

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