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RE: line endings in text files and -kb

From: Arthur Barrett
Subject: RE: line endings in text files and -kb
Date: Thu, 11 Sep 2008 18:19:07 +1000


> i don't. i want to prevent CVS from converting line endings. 
> the file is
> checked out in windows but is later used in linux (it is part 
> of a product
> build), but because CVS converts line endings, i get a 
> '/bin/bash^M: bad
> interpreter error'

Marking it as -kb will certainly prevent the conversion of line endings,
but you also lose merge.

If you are using the CVSNT client (which I assume you are since it's
converting the line endings - the cygwin client wouldn't do that) you
may want to read about the --lf option.  There are pros and cons to this
including a potential for repository corruption if you then change the
line endings by editing it with a windows program and committing it

If you are using CVSNT client and CVSNT Server (on linux/windows etc)
then you can just mark the files as having linux/mac/dos or 'automatic'
line endings with -k+L/-k+M/-k+D options.


Arthur Barrett

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