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RE: List of directories under a "top-level" module

From: Arthur Barrett
Subject: RE: List of directories under a "top-level" module
Date: Wed, 10 Sep 2008 09:36:18 +1000


> I'll go with the new-tarball-every-week idea. What you said makes
> perfect sense, Todd. 

Yes it does, and the *lack* of using CVS properly (update instead of
checkout) has long been my key theory behind why some people mistakenly
believe that CVS will "perform better" if CVS was "improved" with a
multi-repository/ multi-site / 'distributed' repository model. It's
simply unnecessary and adds enormous complication to an otherwise simple
and elegant product.

See my many previous posts about this issue:
And many many more...

> Also, do you know if there are any ways to sync
> up the CVS repository across geographical locations? It would be ideal
> if I could create a readonly (as in, only checkouts allowed) "mirror"
> of the remote repository in my office, and keep this mirror in sync
> with the remote repository, so that in the worst case, checkouts are
> really fast...

There you go ;)

Obviously CVS 1.11.17 cannot do this, so you are now asking about a
major upgrade to your infrastructure, and indeed a much more complex CVS

One options is to use CVSNT 2.5.04 for this (yes it is GPL and runs on
linux, in fact our CVSNT repository runs on debian).  Our main two
development centres are in Sydney Australia and Manchester UK and we use
a "write through, sync back" repository for this purpose (well actually
the "purpose" is/was to prove it works, not to actually solve any

If you want more info on the repository replication stuff please see the
previous newsgroup posts:

Finally you wrote earlier:

> those bulky nasty ones and pass the rest to the checkout command. My
> CVS is 1.11.17 which unfortunately doesn't support the 'ls' command
> and the organisation is loathe to upgrade CVS :(

I am pretty sure that even though CVS 1.11.17 does not support rls, if
you use CVSNT 2.5.03 client (even on linux) it will 'rls' a CVS 1.11.17
server (it does this through magic and mirrors from memory).

Note: if you are interested in CVSNT there is a separate newsgroup,
website etc for it - do not post CVSNT specific questions to the CVS

Note2: CVS and CVSNT are very different products - in my experience
people who I've met who use CVS love it for its simplicity and elegance.
People who use CVSNT on the otherhand love it for its breadth of inbuilt
features (things like mergepoints, changesets/atomicity, user defined
changesets, failsafe audit, access contol lists, support for reserved
and unreserved versioning) which is rather the opposite of 'simplicity'.


Arthur Barrett

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