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CVS checkout problems

From: gdcstk
Subject: CVS checkout problems
Date: 14 Mar 2007 11:34:27 -0700
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Hi everybody, i have a CVS Server running on GNU/Linux (Debian). The
server uses ssh authentication.

All users use Tortoise CVS client to connect that server.

I have defined the project structure and i've defined the suiable
permissions and all necesary groups/subgroups.

The problem is, when a user needs checkout a specified directory
(DIR1), he needs write permissions on DIR1 because the checkout
process create a temporally file called #cvs.lock. I want users only
can checkout DIR1, not checkin, and if i granted read only permissions
to DIR1 files in order to avoid users overwrite any existent file they
can overwrite it anyway because DIR1 has +w for the cvs group.
On the other hand, .... if i set -w to DIR1 they can't create
DIR1\#cvs.lock file and checkout process fails.

Could someone please help me with this ?

Thanks in advance.

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