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query about cvs server code

From: PJP
Subject: query about cvs server code
Date: 24 Dec 2005 02:03:16 -0800
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     Hello all,
I need to know about the working of 'cvs login' command. I've figured
the code in client.c which performs the client part of login command;
If I'm not wrong it is ...

     /* Get the password, probably from ~/.cvspass. */
     password = get_cvs_password ();
     username = root->username ? root->username : getcaller();
fprintf(stderr, "auth server: uname: %s, passwd: %s\n", username,
password);  /* added by me */
     /* Send the empty string by default.  This is so anonymous CVS
        access doesn't require client to have done "cvs login". */
     if (!password)
         no_passwd = 1;
         password = scramble ("");
     /* Announce that we're starting the authorization protocol. */
     send_to_server_via(to_server, begin, 0);
     send_to_server_via(to_server, "\012", 1);
     /* Send the data the server needs. */
     send_to_server_via(to_server, root->directory, 0);
     send_to_server_via(to_server, "\012", 1);
     send_to_server_via(to_server, username, 0);
     send_to_server_via(to_server, "\012", 1);
     send_to_server_via(to_server, password, 0);
     send_to_server_via(to_server, "\012", 1);
     /* Announce that we're ending the authorization protocol. */
     send_to_server_via(to_server, end, 0);
     send_to_server_via(to_server, "\012", 1);

but after send_to_server_via() call in auth_server() above, I lost the
pointer; Could some one tell me where shall I get the server code that
talks with the above send_to_server_call(). and also whether I'm
looking at the right place or not (I guess I am!).

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