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cvs commitinfo question

From: Thomas Wabner
Subject: cvs commitinfo question
Date: Wed, 21 Dec 2005 13:44:28 +0100


I have a short question about the commitinfo file. Following scenario:

I have a script which should do some pre-condition handling when the
user commits a file to cvs.

The check-script should only exit 0 if the user checks in the file into
HEAD or specific branch.

My problem:

How can I give the check-script the branch in which the user tries to
checkin his file? Is there is a variable like %r or %s which can I use
in the commitinfo file?

For example it would be nice if I can do following in the commitinfo:

ALL /my-cvs-root-path/ mybranch %b %{s}

This should call the with the argument "mybranch" the
branch in which the user want to checking (%b) and all files the users
tries to checkin. The checkscript then returns exit 0 if the given
mybranch matches the branch the user tries to checkin.

I have not found yet any hints about this problem.

Many thanks,

- Thomas Wabner

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