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How to merge changes made on a branch?

From: Roger Ye
Subject: How to merge changes made on a branch?
Date: Tue, 20 Dec 2005 20:23:43 +0800

Hi all,
Here I have a branch prod_dev (not head), and prod_dev itself also has
a branch named prod_dev_br, now some changes are made on the
sub-branch prod_dev_br, and I want to merge the changes back to
the branch prod_dev, and any changes made on the sub-branch should
be ignored, then is it possible to execute a single cvs command to achieve
this? I have already checked out the project from branch prod_dev
Afterwards can I use the following command to merge/override?
cvs up -CdP -jprod_dev_br my-module
Is it the same as the following one?
cvs up -CdP -jprod_dev -jprod_dev_br my-module
Or I must have a tag which marks where the sub-branch was made?
The second question is if lots of changes have been made on
the sub-branch, especially in case of many new dirs and new files,
how can I quickly commit all the changes to the branch prod_dev?
how do you guys performed such operation?

Worry a little bit every day and in a lifetime you will lose
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