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verifymsg cannot exec

From: joseph conrad
Subject: verifymsg cannot exec
Date: 20 Dec 2005 02:36:24 -0800
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I can't make my cvs server execute a simple validating message script:

1) I add this entry to the CVSROOT/verifymsg:
DEFAULT /var/lib/cvsd/bin/

2) I created the file in the lib with the code:
# logfile
# test that log message has some characters in it
if [ `cat $1 | wc -c ` -lt 10 ] ; then
echo "log message too short; please enter a description for the
exit 1
exit 0

3) when committing, I get
cvs commit: cannot exec /var/lib/cvsd/bin/ No such
file or directory
cvs [commit aborted]: Message verification failed

any suggestion?
I run CVS on linux red hat

many thanks jc

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