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Re: import vs add

From: Piotr Fusik
Subject: Re: import vs add
Date: 19 Dec 2005 07:47:53 -0800
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Lots of thanks for your answer. Now it's much cleaner for me.

I thought that "cvs add" has a "recursive" option, but it looks like
it hasn't. This isn't big deal in my case, because I have maybe 5
directories (including the top one for the project), so I can add them
one-by-one, and then the files using wildcards. I think this will
be easier than messing with "cvs import".

I have very little experience with branches. My knowledge is as follows
(please correct me if I'm wrong):
- normally the trunk is used, which consists of revisions 1.1, 1.2, ...
- branch 1.3.2 (for example) starts from the trunk revision 1.3
 and consists of revisions,, ...
- if you don't specify at the time of checkout or update that you want
 to work with a branch, you get the trunk

What confuses me is the "default branch". I found it referenced
in CVS manual, but with no good explanation. The other problem is that
if "import" stores things in the 1.1.1 branch, why they appear in

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