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import vs add

From: Piotr Fusik
Subject: import vs add
Date: 14 Dec 2005 00:38:59 -0800
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I'm about to upload my sources to my new project.
I'm now wondering whether I should use "cvs import" (which seems
to be recommended in docs) or "cvs add" (which seems
to be possible and more straightforward).

I have read the whole CVS manual and browsed the web for a while
and found no good answer.

Does "cvs import" do anything in the repository that cannot be done
with a couple of "cvs add", "cvs commit" and "cvs tag" ?

I see several problems with "cvs import":

1. What vendor and release tags to use for a fresh GPLed project?
I'm not a vendor and the initial import is no real release.

2. Are these tags magical in any way, or just regular tags like these
with "cvs tag" ? Can they be deleted later?

3. It seems that "cvs import" normally creates the 1.1.1 branch and revisions.
I don't think I need them. In contrast, "cvs add" creates just 1.1
revisions, which is simple.

4. If import creates, why the next commit turns it into 1.2
and not ?

5., 1.2, 1.3, ... revisions just don't look good. I don't see
any reason why the files
I add later (using "cvs add" -> revision 1.1) should appear different
from the files I upload


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