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Re: Rename directory

From: Kevin Old
Subject: Re: Rename directory
Date: Mon, 12 Dec 2005 17:04:55 -0500

Hi Jim,

On 12/8/05, Jim Hyslop <address@hidden> wrote:
> No, the closest you can get is 'cvs import'. Either that, or the 'find'
> command, with '-exec cvs add {}'

I tried this for a directory of files I needed to add (under a cvs co ):

find . -exec cvs add {} \;

And receive messages like this:
cvs add: in directory ./demos/widget:
cvs [add aborted]: there is no version here; do 'cvs checkout' first

This new directory is under a cvs checkout.  Do I need to add each
directory first, then the files?

Thanks for your help,
Kevin Old

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