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timestamp of the latest change to the repository

From: ittay . dror
Subject: timestamp of the latest change to the repository
Date: 12 Dec 2005 11:06:58 -0800
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I want to get a timestamp of when was the last change (commit) to the
repository, by branch (meaning, for each branch get the timestamp of
when a file was committed in it). basically i want to put it in some
file so when someone reports a bug, i can checkout from the cvs so that
it matches exactly the user's code.

I don't know how to do that from the client side (aside from hacking
'cvs history'), esp. not in a fast way.

I think on the server side i can use commitinfo, and change some file
(say VERSION,v) to contain the current $(date). however, how do i
change the file so the timestamp changes for only the branch in which
the commit has been made? how do i prevent conflicts when merging two


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