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Best way to find files added/changed/removed between tags

From: Abhinandan Jain
Subject: Best way to find files added/changed/removed between tags
Date: Sat, 10 Dec 2005 11:34:58 -0800
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I am looking for the best way to generate lists of files that have been
modified, added or removed in a directory between 2 revision tags. So
far I have been using "cvs rdiff" to generate output which I then
parse to extract the lists.

However, I now have directories that contain some large binary files, and
rdiff takes a very long time to run. Apparently rdiff checks out all the
files for each of the tags - even binary files. This seems excessive for
the summary information I need and appears to be the bottleneck.

I am wondering whether I am not approaching this the right way and if
there is an alternative cvs incantation to get the information I need.

Thanks for your help.


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