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Permisions inside $CVSROOT - What's best?

From: Chris Albertson
Subject: Permisions inside $CVSROOT - What's best?
Date: Fri, 9 Dec 2005 13:38:18 -0800 (PST)

I have CVS pserver setup.  I can do a cvs login using a normal user
accound and checkup a directory tree.  Seems to work BUT..

THe only way I caould get it to work was to do a "chmod 777" on the 
directories.  I can't run like this.   SO some questions:

1) I thought inetd would run cvs as root, At least I told it "root".
Does cvs change ithe effective user to match the logged in user? 

2) What is best practice with CVS?  Should a make a new system level
account called (say) "cvs", make a put a passwd file inside $CVSROOT
that makes each logged in user run as cvs.  Or just put users in
a cvs group?  

We have a very smal number of people that need access

Chris Albertson
  Home:   310-376-1029  address@hidden
  Cell:   310-990-7550
  Office: 310-336-5189  address@hidden

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