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Re: control the access of 'checkout'

From: Jim Hyslop
Subject: Re: control the access of 'checkout'
Date: Thu, 08 Dec 2005 10:37:37 -0500
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xiangbin wrote:
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Please do not start a new topic by replying to an existing message. It
messes up message threading.

> I am just thinking about  that if CVS is able to control the access of
> 'checkout' for a particular developer ?

Not currently, no. There has, I think, been some discussion of importing
some or all of CVSNT's trigger mechanisms, but AFAIK nothing's been done
on it yet.

> That is,for example,user Anna can view CVSROOT directory by 'cvs rls
> CVSROOT',but she can not checkout
> the CVSROOT directory by 'cvs co CVSROOT'.

I don't understand: if you allow Anna the rights to list the files, why
not let her check them out?

> And, if anyone think that CVS has too weak native support in access control

Currently, the access control is quite weak. For the most part, CVS
relies on operating system permissions. cvs_acls helps, but there are
still a lot of holes. CVS was designed in the days where there was a lot
more trust in computing.

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