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Re: Please HElP. A developer has removed/commit files from Integration B

From: Jim Hyslop
Subject: Re: Please HElP. A developer has removed/commit files from Integration Branch!!!
Date: Wed, 07 Dec 2005 18:56:32 -0500
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Mark E. Hamilton wrote:
>> cd subdirectory/with/missing/files
>> cvs add missing_file
>> cvs commit missing_file
>> cvs slap_developers_hand
> So, I did a little test with both your suggestion (which seems to be the
> most pouplar one in this thread) and mine. Both seem to do the same
> thing. What am I missing? Are they just two different ways to do the
> same thing, or is there a reason to prefer on over the other?

If you have the files available to re-add, then yours will work just
fine. But you have to have a good file physically present in the
directory before you can add and commit it. The merge command doesn't
require the file to be present.

Some judgement is required with your last step, though: depending on the
circumstances, a more correct command might be:

cvs show_developer_TFM

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