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Re: cvs remove

From: Todd Denniston
Subject: Re: cvs remove
Date: Wed, 07 Dec 2005 09:28:59 -0500
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ashok cvs wrote:
hi todd

i am quite new to cvs, so i was unable to put my query properly.
as you guessed it right, i want my user to commit to the repository but not
remove files from the repository.
as you suggested. i tried cvs_acl. but is there any howto for how to write
the access control lists.
please guide me

I have not personally used cvs_acls, so you would be better off asking the list instead of or in addition to me.

 From a quick look at the script (on Fedora Core 4) there is help built in,
if I execute `pod2text /usr/share/cvs/contrib/cvs_acls |less`
it looks like basic man page stuff at the beginning (down to the Licensing section), the Description section looks to be moderately informative, and then skipping down ... the Installation section looks like a reasonable howto, this is where I would start.


On 12/6/05, Todd Denniston <address@hidden> wrote:

ashok cvs wrote:

Hi all

i have setup cvs server, all my repositories are accessed by cvs client
software called tortise cvs
using ext: . all the users have commit option. to commit to their


Is it possible if any user checkout anymodule from repositaries and


the file locally and commits , it should not get  removed from the
repository. ie if he checksout the module again, the file should appear


 From here it looks like either your user has a misunderstanding of the
difference between CVS and his operating system, or you need to do
like Mark was suggesting earlier this morning[1].

if it is the misunderstanding of the difference between CVS and his
system, you need to explain that:
a) `del filename` removes the file from his sandbox only, so that she does
see it.
b) `cvs remove filename` is for explicitly removing the file from future
versions checked out of the repository.
c) `cvs release -d directoryname` is for deleting a directory from her
sandbox, so that he does not see it.

if it is that you don't want any of your developers being allowed to
files from the repository, then you should probably explore Mark &
setup with cvs_acls [1].


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