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Removing a branch

From: Norman Crisp
Subject: Removing a branch
Date: Mon, 5 Dec 2005 11:59:09 -0500

I'm attempting to remove a branch that was just created, so it can be
recreated at a later time with more changes to the trunk.  The reading that
I have done warns me that this is a dangerous exercise and should be
avoided, but as there have been no changes to the branch I would simply like
to just get rid of it.

I believe the command to be:
cvs tag -d -B BRANCHNAME

What I get in return is:
cvs tag: in directory .:
cvs [tag aborted]: there is no version here; run 'cvs checkout' first

I'm a little confused, do I need to checkout the branch first, so I can then
remove it?


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