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CVS:How tocontrol privileges for a special developer?

From: xiangbin
Subject: CVS:How tocontrol privileges for a special developer?
Date: Mon, 05 Dec 2005 11:18:48 +0800

I am a new comer to CVS.
Now I wonder if I can control the privileges of a special directory(or a
file) for a special developer .
For example:
user                  directory                         privileges
tom                 myproject/sources
                  myproject/PJadmin             no privileges
                  myproject/PJstatus            checkout

stevens            myproject/sources
                  myproject/PJadmin             checkout,checkin,add,remove
                  myproject/PJstatus            checkout

alen                myproject/sources                       checkout
                  myproject/PJadmin             checkout
                  myproject/PJstatus            checkout,checkin,add,remove

Could CVS be able to do this?

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