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Re: cvs rtag: cannot exec ...: Argument list too long

From: Mark E. Hamilton
Subject: Re: cvs rtag: cannot exec ...: Argument list too long
Date: Fri, 02 Dec 2005 12:34:42 -0700
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Jim Searle wrote:

Thanks for the detailed information.  It just seems like a simple solution
to this would be to modify cvs to allow the files to be passed in via stdin
instead of the command line, as mentioned in this post:

Probably not a simple solution, since as the article points out it would have to be done in a way that wouldn't break existing taginfo scripts. The CVS gurus on this list would have more insight into that.

Also, the poster in the article mentioned that he didn't need the fourth argument. However, stdin is also a buffer somewhere in the system, and if a filter doesn't read all of it CVS can fail with a 'broken pipe' error (see the comments about this in the loginfo section:

Someone suggested in a private e-mail that xargs() can be used to get around this. I must admit to being unfamiliar with xargs(), so I'll take his word for it. ;)

Mark E. Hamilton
Orion International Technologies, Inc.
Sandia National Laboratory, NM.

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