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Re: Question regarding merging

From: Jim Hyslop
Subject: Re: Question regarding merging
Date: Thu, 01 Dec 2005 15:11:30 -0500
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Norman Crisp wrote:
> Could someone please confirm that my steps to performing a merge from a
> branch to trunk is correct.
> 1- fresh checkout of the trunk into an empty sandbox
>       - cvs checkout -P -kk module-name
> 2- update from the branch into the checked out trunk sandbox
>       - cvs update -kk -P -jlatest-good-tag-from-the-branch
> 3- resolve and conflicts that may have occurred
> 4- commit all changed files back into the truck
> Historically I have found conflicts that are not really conflicts due to the
> Revision keyword.  This is why I specify -kk on both the initial checkout
> from the trunk and also on the update from the branch.  Although the results
> look correct, I am not %100 certain that this is the correct method.

That is one correct way to do it. To expedite future merges, you need to
apply a second tag:

cvs rtag -rlatest-good-tag-from-the-branch last-merge-point

(I am assuming latest-good-tag[etc.] is a non-branch tag, if not, then
you need to apply a non-branch tag and re-do the merge specifying that
new tag).

In subsequent merges, you then specify two -j options:
cvs update -kk -jlast-merge-point -jeven-later-good-tag-from-the-branch

then, when the merge is committed, move 'last-merge-point':

cvs rtag -F -reven-later-good-tag-from-the-branch last-merge-point

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