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Re: Scrambled output from diff

From: Roddie
Subject: Re: Scrambled output from diff
Date: Thu, 01 Dec 2005 20:08:38 +0000
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on 29/11/05 13:24, Spiro Trikaliotis at address@hidden wrote:

> [diff output]
>> But the output is scrambled.
> Thus, on Windows, it is a problem with the line endings. Perhaps, this
> is the same in your case, too?
>> Repository is on Linux, CVS version 1.11.2. I'm accessing it through
>> ext (ssh) from Terminal on a Mac.
> I am no specialist for the Mac, but: Doesn't it use another line
> separator (CR only, while Unix uses LF, and DOS/Windows use CR/LF)? Or
> has this been changed when MacOS X become a BSD as its kernel?

Thanks Spiro, you may be on to something. BBEdit on the Mac lets you choose
which type of line endings to use, and I have my default set to Unix. I've
tried diff with some files which are definitely Unix endings and it's OK.
However lots of my files have Mac endings :-(. They are probably based on
files from the Bad Old Days before I used CVS. I'll try to convert them to
Unix as I go through them.



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