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renaming 2 folders with each other

From: Victor Safronovich
Subject: renaming 2 folders with each other
Date: Thu, 1 Dec 2005 12:50:52 +0500

Hello info-cvs!

  I have cvs module MyModule and 2 folders in it:
  1. tests
  2. tests_new

  But i want to moving the contents of this folders to new folders
  from 'tests' folder to 'tests_old' folder, from 'tests_new' folder to
  'tests' folder.

  May  i  manage this folders in the cvs repository and renaming this folders by
  shell comands, is it a safe operation?
  Or  do  I  need  to  manually  use  the 'cvs remove' 'cvs add' comands in this

Best regards,
 Victor Safronovich

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