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CVS log between revs - filter extra info

From: Russ Sherk
Subject: CVS log between revs - filter extra info
Date: Thu, 30 Jun 2005 07:32:46 -0400


I have been trying to get a cvs log between revs that only shows log
messages for what has changed between revs.  I've tried cvs log
-rrev1:rev2 and -rrev1::rev2.  Both of which either show way too much
info or not enough.  Where extra data is logs for files that have not
changed.  And not enough data means that some files are excluded
(because of the nature of : and ::).

My hunt for an answer only turns up some references to the problem not
the solution (e.g.

So, is this a valid solution, or am I missing something important:
- Get all changed files via cvs diff -rrev1 -rrev2 module
- Get the log for all files gathered above via cvs log -rrev1::rev2

The most important thing is to be sure that:
a) all logs of changes made from the end of rev1 to and including
rev2's changes are included.
b) no log given for files that have not changed from rev1 to rev2.

The purpose of all this is to provide an 'at a glance' web page view
(via ant's changeLog task) for managers.

So,  will the above do?  I am mainly concerned that the log report
will be missing some logs.  Should the logs match the diffs?



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