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Re: out of memory

From: Armel Asselin
Subject: Re: out of memory
Date: Wed, 29 Jun 2005 09:24:59 +0200

> So I guess my questions are:
> 1. Assuming that we need more memory, why not all of the swap is used?
> I am not trying to say that there's something wrong with 'cvs', rather
> just trying to understand the problem.
On a 32 bits OS, you rarely can allocate more than 2GB per process for 
structural reasons of the OS itself (shared libraries, code, stack... are 
generally placed at an arbitrary place)... maybe with Linux64 plus a 64 bits 
build of CVS you could fix your problem.
The swap has nothing to do with that sadly, the OS will not let you allocate 
the memory you have (physical or swap) in a single process if you have more 
than 2GB or so (maybe it is a bit more if Linux is better organized than 

wish it helps

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