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Re: undesirable cvs behavior?

From: Rahul
Subject: Re: undesirable cvs behavior?
Date: 27 Jun 2005 11:16:56 -0700
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Hi Greg -

There is a better way to do this. We have designed
the WANdisco CVS Replicator for extreme fault tolerance.
Using our solution you create active/active replicas
that can be failed over with zero data-loss instantly.

CVS hosting companies like CVSdude (
are adopting our solution to offer High Availability (HA)
for CVS repositories. Since the replicas are all equal (no
anyone of them can field a request in case there is network or node
failure at a site. So no issues like
missing updates when you switchback from secondary to primary.

To learn more you can visit


Rahul Bhargava,
CTO, WANdisco
Mountain View, CA

Gregory N. Olszewski wrote:

> We have a situation where we may have to quickly failover to a mirror
> which may be missing 5-10 minutes of data. In that case, it would be
> impractical to ensure that every engineer knows that they may lose data
> if they update.....
> ....
> 3. Does anyone know of a better way to accomplish this?

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