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local branches of a remote trunk...

From: dietrich bollmann
Subject: local branches of a remote trunk...
Date: Sat, 25 Jun 2005 08:04:23 +0200


I am confronted with the following situation:

I am using an open source program ( ) which I am updating from 
the cvs sources on a regular basis. I am also experimenting with the sources, 
writing some extra functionality myself. Some of this functionality I would 
like to commit to the project in form of patches; some is experimental and not 
of interest to anybody else. 

To me it seems, as if the ideal solution to this situation would be some kind 
of hierarchy of branches of the original sources. The hierarchy could reflect 
the dependencies between my modifications. I could select which modifications I 
want in an instance of the program, they could be easily applied to new source 
versions and easily be isolated and committed to the project in form of emailed 

The problem is: I (of course) do not have the right to create branches on the 
central cvs server...

Here my question:

Is it possible to configure a local cvs sub-server to manage branches of a 
project trunk located on a remote cvs server?

I believe that most people working on patches for open source software are in 
the same kind of situation and that there probably exist an easy solution to 
this problem. Still I couldn't find any article / posting explaining who to 

Thanks for any answer, best wishes, Dietrich

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