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a newbie facing tagging problem

From: akumar
Subject: a newbie facing tagging problem
Date: Fri, 24 Jun 2005 11:44:15 +0530

I am newbie in using cvs.
I am using a cvs configured by somebody else.
I am facing a problem with the cvs setup as follows:
I have remote repository
When we tag  main directory of a project it is shown that
For xyz/abcsys/src/base/vlan/Makefile
HEAD and other tags are shown correctly.
inside vlan directory there is another vlan sub directory. But for files in this:
For xyz/abcsys/src/base/vlan/vlan/Makefile
Only HEAD tag is shown.
Due this I am facing tremendeous problem in building old versions.
What could be the cause/solution for the problem.

Am I alone who has faced this problem?
Thanks in advance,


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