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Re: cvs update $Name: $ expansion

From: Stuart Cooper
Subject: Re: cvs update $Name: $ expansion
Date: Thu, 23 Jun 2005 15:10:23 +1000

> I want some sort of build identifier attached to the source I am
> building every night.

Then tag your sources every night in eg astronomical time
rev20050623 for July 23rd.
> $Name:$ seems logical and it does seem like the way other people do it,
> albeit with a checkout.

Yes, it only gets expanded on checkout: from info cvs:

     Tag name used to check out this file.  The keyword is expanded
     only if one checks out with an explicit tag name.  For example,
     when running the command `cvs co -r first', the keyword expands to
     `Name: first'.

And you don't want users to check out the whole source tree. But if
you tag your regular build, users can update their sources with
cvs update -r rev20050623
and less stuff will get sent over the network and they'll be running with
the 20050623 'nightly build'.

They won't be able to check in changes to this since it's a non-branch tag,
but they will be able to try out nightly snapshots in this way. cvs update -A
will remove the sticky tag and bring them up to HEAD when they need to
do that.

So you associate the build identifier to your source tree through the tag.
Users won't get much clue looking at the source files themselves,
CVS/Entries in each directory will show that they've checked out the
rev20050623 tag however.

Hope this helps,

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