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RE: CVS Lock Errors

From: Arthur Barrett
Subject: RE: CVS Lock Errors
Date: Fri, 17 Jun 2005 10:32:42 +1000


This is quite a common problem (at least for some people).

CVS locks at the directory level on the server, by creating a "lock file".  If 
the server process terminates unexpectedly (eg: kill -9) then the "lock file" 
is left in place.  To "unlock" your repository remove the lock files.

CVSNT (open source, GPL, Linux, Unix, Mac, Windows, just like CVS) resolves 
this by having a separate lock server process.  If the client process dies so 
do the locks.  It also means that checkout and update are atomic.  CVSNT also 
includes "chacl", "lsacl" etc for setting access control lists on branhes etc 
which I notice was another question of yours in another thread).

If you are using Tortoise on the client - by default Tortoise uses the CVSNT 
client (it comes with Tortoise) - you will get better integration if you use 
CVSNT server and Tortoise with CVSNT...

If you are interested in CVSNT please refer questions to the CVSNT newsgroup:


Arthur Barrett

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I have a 2nd question:

A user using Tortoise window's client using :pserver to the linux box, 
executed the commad searching for tags.  Not a specific tag but all tags in 
the repository.  The command's been running for about 15 hours now, locking 
cvs, and not allowing anyone else to tag.  We can update, commit, etc but 
not tag. And I do need to tag my build today.

When I try to tag, I get the error msg that so & so user has it locked. When 
I do -cvs admin -U, the server says waiting for the user's lock, etc.

On the linux server side, I thought it was a ps process I could kill...but 

How can I kill this annoying process?  I told him to delete all his working 
folders, reboot, and check out fresh and anew again.

Any suggestions?

Thank you


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