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displaying local time cvs 1.12.9

From: Darlene D Choontanom
Subject: displaying local time cvs 1.12.9
Date: Tue, 14 Jun 2005 11:08:04 -0700


I'm a sysadmin with a group of users running CVS 1.12.9 on our networked
Suns, who have run into the "cvs log" displaying only UTC datestamps
problem^Wfeature.  I found this apparent fix in cederqvist, section A.14.2:

      Since log shows dates in local time, you might want to see them in
Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) or some other timezone.  To do this you
can set your $TZ environmental variable before invoking cvs:
      $ TZ=UTC cvs log foo.c
      $ TZ=EST cvs log bar.c

Except that the user's TZ is automatically set to local time (PST) at login
time, "cvs log" is not showing dates in local time, and resetting the TZ
environmental variable at the command line (to PST, UTC, EST) per above
still only reports the date stamps in UTC.

Am I missing something?

address@hidden                              Raytheon Company

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