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Templates cvswrappers

From: Ed J
Subject: Templates cvswrappers
Date: Thu, 9 Jun 2005 08:54:34 -0700

Where can I find usable templates for a cvswrappers file?  My server's
cvswrapper file is empty.  I'm looking for a resource that tells me which
file extensions are binary for any given software application (e.g. Orcad,

I've been using TortoiseCVS from Windows, with a Linux-based cvs server, and
have survived with a blank cvswrappers because TortoiseCVS automatically
deciphering binary vs. text when I added files to the repository.  Now, I
need to use a separate cvs command-line client to get an "import" capability
(to preserve file timestamps), and the empty cvswrappers file is corrupting
my binary files by treating them as text.

Thanks in advance,

Ed Jubenville

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