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cannot checkout new tag

From: Neil Watson
Subject: cannot checkout new tag
Date: Thu, 9 Jun 2005 11:14:05 -0400
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Some developers have noticed a bug that we cannot seem to isolate.  If
code is checked in using a new tag, that tag cannot be checked out on
the first attempt.  When the first checkout is attempted the cvs client
is unresponsive.  This does not matter how long we wait until
attempting the first checkout.  The second checkout works as expected.

Check out some code without tag.
- cvs co external src svrcfg
Check in code with a tag.
- cvs tag -r tag-name external src svrcfg
Check out the tagged code.
- cvs co -r tag-name external src svrcfg

Our cvs server is a Redhat 9 installation using cvs-1.11.2-10

I built a test server using the same software but was not able to
reproduce this error.

Can anyone offer any suggestions on possible causes or ways to debug

Neil Watson
Network Administrator

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