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Re: connection reset by peer

From: Rahul
Subject: Re: connection reset by peer
Date: 8 Jun 2005 16:45:28 -0700
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Could you be hitting the CPS (Connections per second)
throttling in inetd ?

If you have a bursty traffic to CVS server and you hit it with large
number of connections, that may cause inetd to shutdown some

Check your CPS setting.

Rahul Bhargava
CTO, WANdisco

Hridyesh Pant wrote:
> Hi,
> From past four-five days i am facing a problem "connection reset by peer", 
> "received broken pipe signal", "recv() from server: EOF".
> I am not getting this error on every day.
> I have gone through the CVS manual, and find following case:
> 1. Having an incorrect path in `inetd.conf' (which is not possible, we have 
> not changed the path in inetd.conf file)
> 2. By firewall software rejecting the connection (server and client are not 
> inside the firwall).
> Could any body tell me what are the other cause, and how can i get rid of 
> this error.
> Thanks&Regards
> Hridyesh

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