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RE: Sorry about this newby question

From: Mark Priest
Subject: RE: Sorry about this newby question
Date: Fri, 3 Jun 2005 21:05:42 -0400

You have to be able to access the CVSROOT even for an add.  The server will
check to see if the file was previously deleted and if so retrieve it from
the attic.  Also, if the file were in a new directory the directory would be
added to the repository.  In general you should expect most cvs commands to
cause the client to communicate with the server.

I am not sure why you included the bit about cvs init.  You are obviously
checking out files from somewhere other than your local machine.  You don't
need to create a repository on your machine to use the client.  You could
have just done the checkout without doing that.

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I apologize in advance for what is no doubt a foolish question, but I'd
greatly appreciate it if a kind soul could set me straight.

I've just checked out a CVS archive (I have Fedora Core 1 running on a
laptop, if that matters).
  export CVSROOT=/usr/local/cvs
  mkdir $CVSROOT
  cvs init
  cvs -d:pserver:address@hidden login
  cvs -z3 -d:pserver:address@hidden co modulename (I pasted in the
instructions that were on the site, so I'm pretty sure I did it right.)

Now I want to add a file to the local repository (by that I mean the
sandbox).  But I am on a laptop, not connected to the Internet.
  cd modulename
  cp /home/jim/newfilename .
  cvs add newfilename
and the system objects "unknown host ..."  (it names the host from which I
checked out the material).

Of course, I can see why it would give me such an objection on a commit or
an update, but should I be getting it on an add or a status?  It isn't the
case that I have to be connected, is it?

Sorry; I'm just not seeing something.  Thanks, Jim Hefferon

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