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Re: Building inside local repo?

From: Paul Gelderblom \(ptok\)
Subject: Re: Building inside local repo?
Date: Sun, 29 Feb 2004 21:46:28 +0100

Build them right where they are now.
The sources you have now got locally, are _not_ the repository.
They are your private copy -often called a sandbox by CVS users.
Like a real sandbox, they are your spot for doing anything you like.
You can change them, without any risk for the real Wine repository (which is
on the CVS server, not your machine.) Any files added by the build process
(i.e. object files) will be there, but they will not have a link
to the Wine repository.
When you later issue a "cvs update" to get the newest versions from the
repository, it will update the sources and leave the object files alone. Run
make again and your app will be updated.

Paul Gelderblom
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From: "Joel Konkle-Parker" <address@hidden>
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Sent: Sunday, February 29, 2004 20:26
Subject: Building inside local repo?

> I'm somewhat new to CVS, and I have sort of a "best-practices" question.
> I just checked out the Wine sources into ~/wine. To build them, I `cd`
> into ~/wine and do a `./configure && make && make install`.
> Is this for some reason a really bad idea? Is it harmless to build the
> source inside my local repository, or should I make a copy to somewhere
> else or something?
> Thanks in advance.
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